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Enterprise Architect

Date: 15-Mar-2023

Location: D, IE

Company: Fineos Corporation

Responsibility for identifying , securing investment in and supporting the roll out of tooling and process changes  to be adopted by FINEOS engineering in the development of software.

Ensuring that the engineering toolset  is:
  • Capable of supporting the business in allowing the development of compelling market propositions at sustainable initial and long term costs.
  • Cost effective to purchase, deploy, and maintain, and leads to software with similar characteristics.
  • Supports adoption of industry best practice in terms of achieving optimum CI and CD outcomes.
  • Positively impacts on engineering efficiency
  • Ensures FINEOS is an employer that can attract and retain engineers who are interested in and excited by technology and technical innovation
  • Can be leveraged effectively by FINEOS staff through the adoption of appropriate training and processes
  • Is supported by appropriate guidance, standards and review processes to ensure that the the resulting software achieves the necessary standards in terms of maintainability, security, and performance.
Extensive experience in development of enterprise software, with a keen awareness of enterprise concerns including human and machine scalability, maintainability and the organisation of work across teams, extensibility and compliance with legal and commercial demands in this domain.

Familiarity with technologies associated with
  • Web application development, and associated front and back end technologies.
  • Relational databases
  • Java
  • Cloud and specifically AWS capabilities
  • Development tooling
  • Software Version management
  • Continuous Integration and Continue Deployment tooling approaches.

The candidate will be responsible for monitoring developments in the technology space and identifying where opportunities exist for FINEOS to leverage such developments in a cost effective manner.

The candidate will be expected to achieve a high degree of familiarity with the design approaches, and challenges faced by the FINEOS application teams in the development and maintenance of the FINEOS suite.

Experience in definition of, and refinement of development processes including education, governance and on-going refinement.

This role will require the holder to work closely with
  • Members and leaders within the engineering streams including Product, Project and Cloud
  • Product Management, to understand business led requirements that might impact on tooling selection
  • Cloud Operations to ensure that the FINEOS solution can be cost effectively deployed and managed within the FINEOS cloud
  • Customers and partner technical staff to communicate the FINEOS proposition and gather their feedback on possible future directions.