At FINEOS, we strive for customer satisfaction and effective employee engagement. We offer competitive salaries and perks to reward employee contributions. We recognize excellent performance, acknowledging our people through various internal recognition and award programs.

We offer flexible working arrangements and generous vacation packages. As a global company we have benefits packages that are specifically tailored to each of the many locations we operate in. Our culture is unique in the way that we engage, empower people to have a voice, and drive professional growth.

What Our Employees Say

Flexible Working

"Having the ability to work flexible hours allows me to fit my career around my family life and adjust to both throughout my day"

"As the parent of a young child, having the ability to work from home and the flexibility to get my daughter to and from school is essential."

Health & Wellbeing

"The package I receive allows me to look after myself in ways I know I wouldn't if I didn’t have access to all the benefits my healthcare plan has to offer"

"The 401k match that FINEOS offers provides a great opportunity to jumpstart investing in your retirement."

Learning & Development

“With the help of L&D, I have been able to map out a career path combining professional certifications and hands-on experience equally to increase my skills and push me further than I could have on my own.”


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